Global Mission Bible Institute

GMBI is an international and a non-denominational Biblical training program that consists of:

1. Global Mission Bible College: Undergraduate program

2. Global Mission Theological Seminary: Postgraduate Program

Compulsory Subjects
  • God’s Amazing Word
  • The doctrine of: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation
  • Evangelism
  • Basic Christianity
  • Apologetics
  • The teaching about the Prayer
Elective Subjects

Any subjection from the List excluding the Compulsory Subjects

Required Credit Hours (C.H.)

One Year Program:
15 C.H.
Two Years Program:
30 C.H.
Three Years Program:
45 C.H.
Four Years Program: 60 C.H.
Courses: 55 C.H.
Thesis: 5 C.H.
Courses: 62 C.H.
Thesis: 8 C.H.
An Honorary Degree
decided by the Faculty of the GMTS.