Student Life

  • For personal spiritual growth, every student is expected to have a personal time with the Lord in Bible reading and prayer on a daily basis.
  • Students must attend a local Bible-believing church regularly and to serve the Lord under the leadership of the local pastor and church leadership.
  • Students are also expected to be part in the evangelistic and ministerial outreaches.

Academic Calendar


Winter Term                 Mid-January to March

Spring Term                 April to June

Summer Term              July to September

Fall/Autumn Term        October to Mid-December

*No class on a public holiday and on a special event in the country. 

*No class on Easter weekend and Easter Monday.

*The teaching schedule is subject to change according to a public holiday    in the country.

Christmas Break: Mid-December to the first week of January

Faculty/Staff Meeting: In the first week of January before starting the School year. It can be called at the start of every term and also when needed during the school year.


Class Attendance

Local coordinators keep record of student’s attendance. Due to a life situation, If a student misses a lesson, then one must listen or watch that teaching and submit a summary of the lesson to the local coordinator.

Exception to the Rule

Students who do not have access to a zoom connection due to a bad connectivity, can still enroll for the program. Under such circumstances, one can follow the lesson on YouTube channel and the Facebook page of the Global Mission Bible Institute, submit a comprehensive summary of a lesson and other course requirements given by the instructor. With this, a student can be credited for that course and even finish the entire program for what one has enrolled.

Academic Policies


  • Every teacher will decide of giving assignments to the students. It might be on a regular basis or at the end of every course.
  • Class Presentations, book reports, summary of a course, quizzes, tests, and a final exam will be given as a teacher decides.

Grading System and Quality Points

For eligibility to graduate, the student is expected to have an overall average of two quality points. Below 60% is un-acceptable unless there is a substitutional arrangement, in compensation made with some extra assignments to match up the grade.  This means that the student will be required to maintain a C average in order to receive a degree or diploma.

Final grades are awarded and earn quality points on the following basis:

Graduation Requirements

For any academic program the students must satisfactorily complete the following requirements:

  1. The specified number of credit hours for the academic program
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above.
  3. Christian Service
  4. Commendable Christian character.


The GMBI is committed to provide a quality education at a very low cost even next to no cost.

The local campuses as well as every student is expected to cover the cost of local internet connection. However, sometimes, depending on the availability of funds and after reviewing a financial situation of a campus, a subsidy/scholarship to an individual or to a campus is granted.

Students are expected to cover the cost the books. Sometimes, GMBI provides booklets of notes and the books sponsored by the institution.

All the graduating students will pay for the graduating gown and any other fee set for that event by the administration.   

Our Bursar’s Office is available to assist you with all of your billing and payment needs. Contact by email at

Bank Information

  • For payment, donation, and for student scholarship, please use the bank transfer information below or PayPal.   

Bank Transfers

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